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Here Come the Drones

Tech By Josh Quittner October 12, 2017

Our love/hate relationship with tiny mechanical flying things Illustration: Tiago Galo Last weekend, while hiking with my wife on an otherwise beautiful Sunday, a drone buzzed by. I don’t know about you, but these days we’re frequently seeing amateurs flying the things in parks, at the beaches, and in school yards. A few months ago, a neighborhood kid accidentally crash landed his on my roof and I had to do the cranky Mr. Wilson thing and get out the extension ladder and retrieve the gizmo. But secretly, I was thrilled. I mean, who doesn’t love drones? “I wish I had a gun,” my wife said of the drone that disrupted our peaceful walk. “Oh come on,” I said. “You better get used to it. Don’t you want Amazon Prime Air deliveries?” I mansplained that, what with the Whole Foods purchase and all, in no time, Amazon will have a perfect platform to reach us fast with…

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